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A place for Rocketshippers to write about their favorite Pokemon pairing.
Welcome to the Rocketshipping Community! If you're looking for a place to read or write about Rocketshipping, then this is the place to be! I started this place in hopes of getting more people to write Rocketshipping fics. I know there are a lot of Rocketshippers out there who have some great fic ideas, but just can't get them to work in a fanfic. I'm hoping this place will let people who have some ideas get them out without having to worry about writing an entire fic. But don't worry, full fics are more than welcomed as well! Here are the rules.

1. All stories must have Rocketshipping as the focus. Other characters are fine, but Rocketshipping needs to be the main plot.

2. There's no length requirement. I made this place to help get people's feet wet in regards to writing for this ship, so don't worry about your story needing to be so many words. As long as it's an actually story or scene you'll be fine.

3. Comments are constructive criticism are fine, but flat out flames are NOT ALLOWED. If your only goal here is tell us how much the writer/the shipping sucks, then I have a nice ban list you can join.

4. Adult content is only allowed with the proper flag. I love lemons, and I know lots of other Rocketshippers do as well. But not everyone is comfortable with that kind of content. If you want to write that kind of thing then be sure to mark it as "Explicit Adult Content" under the adult content drop down box. If you're not sure whether or not yours qualifies, mark it as "Adult Concepts". But if anyone is caught posting that kind of thing without any flag it'll be promptly deleted and you'll be given a warning. Do it one more time and your gone.

5. Have fun! I know lots of Rocketshippers are worried their ideas suck, but don't worry about that here. We're all fans of the ship and we love reading whatever your ideas are!